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61.56 Flight Review

Lesson Objective

To assure that all Club members are fully compliant with the regulatory requirements (q.v.) for flight reviews, including biennial flight and ground training as appropriate to the member's ratings and status. 

Regulatory Requirement

  • §61.56 (No pilot may act as pilot in command without being in compliance with this regulation.)


Review of general operating and flight rules of CFR 14 FAR 91; a review of maneuvers and procedures that, at the discretion of the CFI providing the review, are necessary for the safe exercise of the privileges of the member's certificate. It must include one hour of ground instruction covering part 91. The contents of the ground instruction are up to the instructor to decide. It must also include one hour of flight instruction. If one hour of flight instruction is not practical, glider pilots may substitute with at least three flights "to pattern altitude".

Pilots who hold a current flight instructors and who have satisfactorily completed a renewal of a flight instructor certificate under the provisions in §61.197 need not accomplish the one hour of ground training specified in paragraph are exempt from the one hour of ground instruction, as per 61.56(f). 

Completion Standards

The completion standards are at the discretion of the flight instructor providing the review.

Required Sign-offs for Flight Review

After the successful completion of the flight review, the instructor will indicate so with a logbook endorsement.  Below is a sample sign-off with text taken from FAA Advisory Circular 61-65E. The flight review is only valid for pilots possessing an airman rating with the glider category. 

  • Endorsement of successful 61.56 Flight Review, AC 61-65E Endorsement #55
    Completion of a flight review: section 61.56(a) and (c).
    I certify that (First name, MI, Last name), (pilot certificate), (certificate number), has satisfactorily completed a flight review of section 61.56(a) on (date).

NOTE: No logbook entry reflecting unsatisfactory performance on a flight review is required.

Prerequisite Study

Recommended Study

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