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Pre-Solo Written Test

Lesson Objective

Students are required by 61.87(b) to pass a written test. The test must address the student pilot's knowledge of-

applicable sections of parts 61 and 91 of this chapter; airspace rules and procedures for the airport where the solo flight will be performed; and flight characteristics and operational limitations for the make and model of aircraft to be flown.

Regulatory Requirement

  • Pre-Solo: §61.87(b)
  • Private Pilot Candidate: None
    • Even though Private Pilot members who do not hold a glider category rating are not required to pass a written solo test by 61.87(b), club rules dictate that all transition pilots still need to pass the written test. 


  • The pre-solo pilot will successfully complete a different written test for each glider to be soloed. 
  • Incorrect answers will be reviewed with the instructor and student
  • Once the Pre-solo test is completed, the instructor will give an endorsement similar to AC 61-65E
Presolo aeronautical knowledge: section 61.87(b).
I certify that (First name, MI, Last name) has satisfactorily completed the presolo knowledge exam of section 61.87(b) for the (make and model aircraft).
/s/ [date] J. J. Jones 987654321CFI Exp. 12-31-05 

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