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Minimum Sink

Lesson Objective

The lesson will learn the minimum sink speeds, how they relate to bank angle, and the importance of using the correct minimum sink speeds.

Regulatory Requirement


  • Minimum sink speed for each club aircraft
  • Minimum sink speed for differing bank angles
  • Glide ratio at minimum sink. Compare with glide ratio at Max L/D
  • Minimum sink speed at the minimum pilot weight (solo) and at the glider's maximum gross weight

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform

  • Straight and Level flight at minimum sink speed
  • 30° bank turns at minimum sink speed.
  • 45° bank turns at minimum sink speed.

The student must be able to explain

  • The effect of bank angle to minimum sink speed.
  • The effect of aircraft loading to minimum sink speed.

Prerequisite Study

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