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Aerotow High-Low Transition

Lesson Objective

The student will learn how to perform from high tow to low tow, and back to high tow, while transitioning directly through the tow plane's wake.

Regulatory Requirement


  • Appearance of tow plane in high tow
  • Appearance of tow plane in low tow
  • Effects of tow plane's wake on the glider
  • Rate at which the glider must descend through the tow plane's wake.
  • When to stop descending
  • When the glider is too low relative to the towplane

Completion Standards

The student must be able to perform

  • a successful transition from high tow to low tow.
  • a successful transition from low tow to high tow.

Common Errors

  • Rushing the maneuver too quickly, causing slack,
  • Allowing the glider to rise up too quickly, getting into a very high tow position

Prerequisite Study

  • Learning to fly Gliders, page 40, "Shifting through the wake"
  • Glider Flying Handbook, pages 7-10 and 7-11


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