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Cockpit Management

Lesson Objective

Cockpit management relates to the organization of items in the cockpit, the briefing of passengers on the cockpit controls and use of seat harnesses. The PTS requires that candidates demonstrate the ability to brief passengers in the use of seatbelts and seat harnesses, as well as the ability to manage loose items in the cockpit.

Also of critical importance, the student will learn the appropriate actions to be taken if the canopy opens while in-flight.

Regulatory Requirement

  • Private Pilot Test Candidate: PTS Area of Operation IID


  • Use of seat harnesses
  • Passenger briefing
  • Placement of objects in the cockpit
  • Hazards of unsecured objects in turbulent conditions
  • Appropriate use of written checklists
  • Use of cell phones in-flight
  • Canopy opening while in-flight

Completion Standards

When complete, the student

  • Exhibits knowledge of the elements related to cockpit management procedures.
  • Organizes and arranges material and equipment in a manner making items readily available.
  • Briefs passengers on the use of safety belts, shoulder harnesses, and emergency procedures.
  • Utilizes all appropriate checklists.
  • Explain the hazards and remedies of a canopy opening in-flight.

Prerequisite Study

  • 14 CFR § 91.107 Use of safety belts, shoulder harnesses, and child restraint systems.
  • 47 CFR § 22.925 Prohibition on airborne operation of cellular telephones.

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