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Duty Roster for Skyline Soaring Club

Last Updated by bsallada on Sun Dec 8 12:05:18 2019

The RosterMeister Speaks

The schedule is now up through December. Have fun, fly safe!- Mike

The mandatory annual safety meeting was held Saturday 2 March 2019. If you did not attend, you must review the online presentation prior to flying or scheduled duty.

2020 Annual Membership Meeting January 25th at the Fire Hall

2020 Safety Meeting (Mandatory Attendance) February 29th at the Fire Hall

NOTE: Each Club member is responsible for maintaining awareness of their flight currency status and if not in compliance with FAA: 14 CFR §61.57 (Recent Flight Experience: Pilot In Command) and SSC: Operations Manual Section 3.1.5 (Special Currency Requirements) must advise the Duty Officer.

Date Tow Pilot Surge Tow Instructor Surge Inst Duty Officer Asst. Duty Officer
Vickland (Unassigned) Hough (Unassigned) Garrity Jacobsen
Notes: I:M. McGowan, A. McGowan, T. Trimpert; M. Judd (Pending Surge Instructor & Second K)
Cober (Unassigned) Lingevitch (Unassigned) Clark Ring
Notes: I: Good
Neilson (Unassigned) Wallace Sallada Bank Strosnider
Notes: Instruction: R. Good; Sallada/Trexel
* Denotes the ADO is also capable of being a Duty Officer
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