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Duty Roster for Skyline Soaring Club

Last Updated by jnoss on Sun Dec 9 04:15:18 2018

The RosterMeister Speaks

The schedule is up through the end of the year. Have fun, fly safe, and stay warm!

- Mike

Please note: The Roster is automatically mailed to the members on Tuesdays. Once it's mailed, the copy in your inbox becomes obsolete very quickly! Before contacting your instructor for scheduling, please check the online Roster first.

- Piet

The annual membership meeting is scheduled for Saturday 26 January 2019 - mark your calendars!

Date Tow Pilot Surge Tow Instructor Surge Inst Duty Officer Asst. Duty Officer
Bendorf, C (Unassigned) Decker (Unassigned) Maynard Ongstad
Notes: I: McGee, Ross (SC), van Weezendonk (SC)
Ward (Unassigned) Sallada (Unassigned) Gainer * Peterson
Notes: Inst: Strosnider, Trexel
Bierstine (Unassigned) Neitzey (Unassigned) Troncoso Ross
Notes: Ben Bierstine, Ava Dunphy, Sid Moran
* Denotes the ADO is also capable of being a Duty Officer
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